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Whats New?

15 November 2022


Degree Awarded

Yu Yong has been awarded a PhD degree for his thesis, titled "Correlating Thermoelectric Properties to Nanostructures by Advanced STEM/TEM Techniques". Fantastic work; Congratulations! 

Yu Yong is now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in our group.

11 November 2022


Degree awarded

Loh Leyi has been awarded a PhD degree for her thesis, titled "Impurity Doping and Bound Exciton Complexes in 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides". Fantastic work; Congratulations! 

Loh Leyi is now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Prof. Goki Eda's group.

11 October 2022


PhD Qualifying Examination

Yang Jianmin successfully completed her PhD Qualifying Examination. Congratulations!

05 August 2022


Thesis Accepted 

Dionaldo Zudhistira’s thesis “TEM sample Preparation Techniques Development for Advanced ICs Including FINFETs” was accepted. Great work - congratulations! Dion will continue his cutting-edge work on physical failure analysis at AMD Singapore.

01 August 2022

PhD Qualifying


Jagadesh Rangaraj successfully completed his PhD Qualifying Examination. Congratulations!

26 April 2022

NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award 2022 

A/Prof. Bosman has been awarded the NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award 2022. Thank you to all the students who provided positive feedback to modules MLE4212 (Advanced Structural Materials) and MLE5216 (Introduction to Microscopy for Materials Research); the University Teaching Excellence Committee is also kindly thanked for their support.

31 December 2021


Degree Awarded 

Chung JingYang has been awarded a PhD degree for his thesis, titled "Atomic-Scale Structural and Luminescence Imaging of Indium-rich III-Nitride Light Emitters". Fantastic work; Congratulations! 

Jing Yang is now a Research Fellow in the NUS-Advanced Materials Corporate Lab.

23 November 2021

PhD Qualifying Examination

Zhang Xinyue successfully completed her PhD Qualifying Examination; Congratulations!

10 September 2021

Paper published 

11 June 2021

Paper published 

Loh Leyi's paper on "Impurity-Induced Emission in Re-Doped WS2 Monolayers" is published in Nano Letters. 

10 February 2021

Best Mentorship Award

Congratulations to Hue Do in our group for receiving the "Outstanding Mentorship Award" from the Singapore Mentorship Program 2020 awarded by the Ministry of Education. Hue mentored three students from the Raffles Institute in their study of hot electron dynamics in plasmonic nanostructures. 

1 January 2021

Paper Published

Hue's first paper on "Electron Dynamics in Plasmons" is published in Nanoscale. 

27 November 2020


Poster Award

Congratulations to JingYang in our group for winning the first place in Poster presentation at the 9th MRS-S Conference on Advanced Materials.  

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